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  1. Am I purchasing a voucher or a product?

  2. Can I cancel or change my Hotel Booking / Reservation

  3. Can I get a refund after 14 days?

  4. Can I get a refund on an expired voucher?

  5. Can I pay for an offer using cash and PiggyPoints?

  6. Can I view my account on the Pigsback Live App?

  7. Can I view my vouchers on the Pigsback Live App?

  8. Confirmation Not Received

  9. Custom Charge

  10. Expiry Date Extension

  11. Extra Discount

  12. Hotel Booking Link

  13. How can I check my PiggyPoint balance?

  14. How can I use my discount code?

  15. How can I use my PiggyPoints?

  16. How can I view my voucher?

  17. How do I apply for a refund?

  18. How do I know my hotel reservation is confirmed?

  19. How do I make a booking with my voucher?

  20. How do I print my voucher?

  21. How do I unsubscribe/subscribe from your emails?

  22. How do I update my address?

  23. How do I update my login details?

  24. I bought a product voucher. What do I do next?

  25. I cannot get availability for the date I want!

  26. I did not get 15% Discount

  27. I have forgotten my password?

  28. I need to change my delivery address!

  29. I’ve changed my mind about buying a product!

  30. My points have expired. Why has this happened?

  31. My voucher has expired!

  32. My voucher is in my Used folder, but I haven't used it yet?

  33. No availability!

  34. Refund on concert/festival tickets or tickets for sporting events.

  35. Returned Products When can I expect a refund?

  36. Returning a product

  37. What are PiggyPoints?

  38. What are the rules that apply to all offers?

  39. What is the My Vouchers page?

  40. What is

  41. When will my order be delivered?

  42. Where do I find my voucher?

  43. Where is my delivery?

  44. Where is my cleaning Voucher

  45. Why haven't I gotten my PiggyPoints yet?

  46. Your Voucher

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